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#35 mysql-devel is missing in qtp-dependencies new eric defect major
#24 access newmodel log using qmlog new jake enhancement moderate
#25 Create separate qtp-depends script, invoke optionally new eric enhancement moderate
#26 create rpminstall options capability new jake enhancement moderate
#32 qtpnewmodel - skip rebuild questions new eric enhancement moderate
#33 SpamAssassin improvements: add support for ruleset compiling, rewrite the update job sctipt to be more robust new lexa2 defect moderate
#34 Add processor, memory to qtp-whatami variables new eric enhancement moderate
#36 dkms, dkms-fuse no longer needed new eric defect moderate
#37 qmail-smtpd: qq soft reject new eric enhancement moderate
#39 remove softlimit from run file new eric defect moderate
#42 Remove malwarepatrol (mbl) from sanesecurity config new eric enhancement moderate
#46 roaming users configuration new eric enhancement moderate
#47 clamav update during qmaitoaster upgrade new jake enhancement moderate QTP Release
#41 Bypass dead mirrors new eric enhancement minor
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