QmailToaster-Plus is an RPM package that contains a menu and supporting scripts which add additional features and utilities to your QmailToaster.


Over the years, a variety of tools and utilities have been written by a number of authors for qmail and QmailToaster. They were previously difficult to find and apply. On September 7, 2006, Jake Vickers announced to the  QmailToaster Users list the initial release of QmailToaster-Plus, which began to bring together these resources into a single noarch rpm. Jake and Eric Shubert wrote most of the contents of the initial release, and have gathered additional scripts and enhanced existing ones for subsequent releases.


Getting QmailToaster-Plus up and running is as simple as 1-2-3:

1 - Install QTP Repository

The current QmailToaster-Plus package is always available in the QmailToaster-Plus yum repository. You need to have this repository defined so that yum can find it. The qmailtoaster-plus.repo package takes care of this for you.

# rpm -Uvh

2 - Install QmailToaster-Plus

To install, simply:

# yum install qmailtoaster-plus

3 - Run the Menu

Then simply run the menu:

# qtp-menu

That's all there is to it!

While some QmailToaster-Plus features are available from qtp-menu, others are limited to the command line interface (CLI). However, all features are available from the CLI, and more features may be added to qtp-menu in future releases.


For general support or questions, please use the  QmailToaster Users list.


Have an idea for improving a tool, or know of some free software you'd like to see included? Having a problem with an existing tool that you think is a bug? Please use the New Ticket tab on the Trac Bar at the top of this page in order to let the developers know about it.

In order to access the New Ticket tab you must be logged in to a verified account. In order to log in, you need to register with a valid email address, and then verify your address with a code that will be emailed to you. (Your email address will not be used for any purpose other than notifying you of ticket activity.) Once verified, the New Ticket tab will appear on the Trac Bar when you are logged in.


Here is a list of outstanding enhancement requests:

access newmodel log using qmlog
Create separate qtp-depends script, invoke optionally
create rpminstall options capability
qtpnewmodel - skip rebuild questions
Add processor, memory to qtp-whatami variables
qmail-smtpd: qq soft reject
Bypass dead mirrors
Remove malwarepatrol (mbl) from sanesecurity config
roaming users configuration
clamav update during qmaitoaster upgrade
Eczema Ointment - Why You Should Use It
Eczema Ointment - Why You Should Use It
The Options For Sensible health Methods
The Options For Sensible health Methods
Shhhh... Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of League Of Legends Hack?
Quick And Easy Do it yourself Beauty Items
Quick And Easy Do it yourself Beauty Items


Here is a list of outstanding defects:

SpamAssassin improvements: add support for ruleset compiling, rewrite the update job sctipt to be more robust
mysql-devel is missing in qtp-dependencies
dkms, dkms-fuse no longer needed
remove softlimit from run file


You may use the Timeline, Roadmap and View Tickets tabs on the Trac Bar at the top of this page to see further details about development.

See doc/release-notes.txt for a change log.


You may use the Browse Source tab on the Trac Bar at the top of this page to browse the  Subversion repository that contains the QmailToaster-Plus source. You can also view and compare specific revisions using Browse Source.

The repository is publicly readable, so if you have  Subversion installed you can checkout the entire repository using the svn command:

$ svn checkout my-qtp-svn-dir-name

Of course updating is restricted to developers, but any svn command that doesn't update the repository is allowed.